Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update by the Numbers

I've been really busy at work (excuses excuses), and I've decided that it really shouldn't be that hard to blog about my experiences with getting in shape if I keep the posts short and sweet.  So in that vein, here is an update on my goals by the numbers (details to come):

  • 29 pounds lost - can't wait to see that 30
  • 1 new bicycle - great deal from Masherz
  • 131 tracked miles ridden
  • 13 tracked rides
  • 1 triathlon entered (Spudman - as a member of a team.  I'll be doing the bike portion)

I've been using an app on my iPhone called MotionX to track my rides.  Here are links to maps of everything so far.  MotionX also generates kmz and gpx files, I'll have to find something cool to do with those.

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