Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Goal

First was the doctor checkup. It was a wakeup call that I need to get healthy. Nothing too serious yet, but cholesterol and blood sugar on the rise.  If I do nothing, I'll be on drugs within a few years.  If I still don't do anything after that, well you get the picture.

Then I had a co-worker who is in to doing crazy ultra-marathons and stuff. He wrote a blog post about why he did it, and then shared some of his thoughts in a meeting as well. Another co-worker has done Lotoja 5 or 6 times. I've always been interested in the race, and have sort of considered doing it a few times.  

It is hard to explain, but I did a lot of thinking after talking to them.  I realized that a crazy, insane goal like riding 206 miles in one day might be exactly what I need to get in shape.  9 months (now 8) would be enough time, perhaps barely, to lose the weight and get in shape for it.  The goal would keep me on track. It is too easy fall of the wagon when your goal is just to "eat better and exercise more".  

One of the hardest things about losing weight for me is that I know deep down that I need to make fundamental lifestyle changes.  Those changes are intimidating.    

Lotoja would be a serious accomplishment, and a life milestone.  An achievement that would require such an effort that I will not be able to help being utterly changed for the better afterwords.

The co-worker who has ridden Lotoja is a cancer survivor, and rides every year for the Huntsman Cancer Center's Hometown Heros to raise money for cancer research.  It is hard to get in to Lotoja since more people want to ride it than there are slots.  With the help from my friend, and if I can raise at least $1000 for the Huntsman Cancer I can get guaranteed entry.  Not to mention raise some money for a good cause.  Our family has been deeply effected by cancer.  The thought of making the ride at least partially in honor of my father sealed my resolve.

It will be hard.  Lots of training.  A very long day.  But I WILL do it.  So far I've lost 14 Pounds.  In this blog I plan to write about my weight loss, training, and becoming who I want and need "to be".  More to come...