Monday, August 1, 2011

Spudman Triathlon

Matt - Spudman Triathlon July 30, 2011
Matt participated in the Spudman Triathlon this past weekend.  He has trained all summer for various events and this was one we were all looking forward to.  Matt was on a team and was the biker for the race.  He had a goal to finish around 1:15 and he beat that goal!  He came in at 1:13.  His team placed 5th in their division and 32nd out of the 92 relay teams that participated.  We thought that was pretty good after having to find new teammates just days before the race due to his other two teammates getting injured.
We are so proud of Matt.  He has set some pretty high goals and has worked hard and met them all.  We are looking forward to a century ride that Matt will be participating in in a few weeks.